Unique Range of Appetite-stimulating Flavors


Improve feed palatability with pure, strong, and  long lasting flavor of choice.

Effectively encourage feed intake and support post-weaning performance of piglets.

Minimize feed intake depression during feed transition, heat stress, and other potential stress.

Mask unpalatable feed ingredient and enhance quality of complete feed products.





  • Ideal for swine (all stages) and ruminant

  • Recommended usage rate: 300-500 g/tonne of complete feed, added either directly or via a premix

  • Heat stable under common conditions of pelleting and hygienization.

  • Stable for 18 months in original packaging when stored in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight and other sources of heat.

  • Fine white agglomerated powder with a mild aromatic vanilla odor

  • Manufactured using automatic batching system with accuracy up to 0.01g.

  • Packaging: 20 kg bag.

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