Patented Peptide Blends with Meaty Flavor


Unique blend of peptides, amino acids, and saccharides, presenting a pure umami savory meaty flavor and aroma.

Perfect synergy with other feed ingredients.

Support post-weaning performance of piglets & Effectively encourage feed intake at all stages.

Minimize feed intake depression during feed transition and environmental stress.

Based on numerous in-house animal feeding trials, field trials, and customer testimony, the benefit of DDCumamiTM has been consistently demonstrated in swine, where supplementing at 500g/tonne can significantly improve feed intake, weight gain, and feed efficiency in both piglets and growing pigs. In addition, both piglet and growing pigs showed high preference to feed containing DDCumamiTM in free-choice trials.


DDCumamiTM  --- Peptides with Meaty Flavor

Improvement by DDCumamiTM (% vs. Control)


Preference Index in Free-Choice Trial

•ADFI = Average Daily Feed intake | ADG = Average Daily Gain

•Preference Index = Feed consumption (DDC) / Average feed consumption [(DDC + Control)]

•Data represent average from multiple research and field trials | Supplementing level: 100g/tonne





  • Ideal for swine (all stages)

  • Recommended usage rate: 300-500g/tonne of complete feed

  • Heat stable under common conditions of pelleting and hygienization.

  • Stable for 18 months in original packaging when stored in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight and other sources of heat.

  • Fine white powder with a umami meaty aroma.

  • Free-flowing product ensuring uniformity  in complete feed.

  • Packaging: 2 kg bag. 10 bags per case.