Product quality is our continuous priority

  • Production &


    With our unique automatic flavor batching system imported from the Netherlands, the batching accuracy is up to 0.01 grams, guaranteeing the precision and consistency of DDC products with zero cross-contamination. Meanwhile, application of spray drying technology in all DDC sweetener products ensures homogenous, free-flowing, and stable particles from batch to batch.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    With our patented biotech waste-management system, environmental pollution (primarily air) is minimized via a 3-stage purification system consisting mist washing, ozonation, and active carbon adsorption. Our high operation standard ensures full compliance to national regulations and thus stable supply to our customers.

  • Feed Manufacture


    With our feed manufacture equipment in-house, we simulate feed production for each product to ensure accurate recommendation of optimal inclusion rate under different processing conditions. We are dedicated to providing outstanding support to our customers as they move in response to market changing needs.

  • Quality


    With our analytic labs in-house, samples from every batch of ingredients and final products are analyzed using advanced equipment including GC-MS, GC, MS, guaranteeing the safety, quality, and consistency of DDC products while allowing full traceability.

High Operation Standards

At DDC, we carefully select each ingredient that we use following FDA and AAFCO regulations.


Accredited to FAMI-QS, we operate to high quality standards and systems to guarantee our product integrity.

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